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70's Trivia

The Seventies were a decade of love, war, politics and great music. Many people lived through the decade, but may not remember some of the greatest 70’s trivia of the time.

The Seventies started out on a tragic note. With what has become a sad event in 70’s trivia, four college students at Kent State University were shot and killed by National Guardsmen. The National Guard had been brought out as crowd control for students protesting the Vietnam War. As the confrontation escalated, shots were fired into the crowd, killing the four students.

In 1971, a female athlete broke the $100,000 earnings barrier. Do you remember how it was? It was tennis player Billie Jean King. In what year was then presidential candidate George Wallace shot while campaigning? In was in 1972. Wallace was confined to a wheelchair the rest of his life after the shooting in Maryland. In 1975, Richard M. Nixon became the first president of the United States to resign from the office. Because of Watergate, it is believed he would have been impeached had he not resigned. In 1975, the Catholic Church named the first American born saint. Her name was Elizabeth Ann Seton. In 1978, the first test tube baby was born. If you do not remember the headlines, her name was Louise Joy Brown and she was born in England.

No 70’s trivia lesson would be complete without a mention of Disco. Disco was one of the most popular music genres during the 1970’s. K.C. and the Sunshine Band had a hit song with the lyrics “Do a little dance, make a little love…” Did you remember the title of the song was “Get Down Tonight?” Who was the artist that had the hugely popular song “I Will Survive?” That was Gloria Gaynor. However, the Bee Gees were the most successful disco group of the 70’s, aided by their popular soundtrack to the movie Saturday Night Fever.

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