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Animal Trivia

You may find yourself wondering how many animals are in the world today. Did you know that no one really knows that answer? Scientist have been busy for years classifying different species. With so many animals in the world, it would be impossible to know all the animal trivia about them. But here, are some interesting facts!

Every Easter, many children’s thoughts turn to the Easter Bunny. There is an abundance of animal trivia about rabbits available on the Internet. Do you know what people are credited with discovering the domesticated rabbit? Many people believe the Phoenicians made that discovery. Do you know what pregnant female rabbits do when they are ready to give birth? They start pulling out their fur. They use the fur to make a nest for their babies to help keep them warm.

Do you know much about polar bears? Did you know they have 42 teeth? They use these sharp and pointy teeth to eat their dinner, namely seals. A polar bear has a great sense of smell. They can smell a seal up to twenty miles away. Do you hate when you are swimming and get water up your nose? So do polar bears! When they get underwater, their nostrils automatically close to stop water from coming in. The brown bear is the closest ancestor to the polar bear, even though their fur is quite different looking.

If you like dogs, here is some animal trivia you may not have known. Did you know the word beagle comes from the Old French word “beguile” and it means a noisy person. The beagles were probably named that for their loud barks. Did you know that a Jack Russell terrier’s favorite activity is chasing stuff? They will chase anything – other dogs, toys, their tails, etc.

Now you know a little more about animal trivia!

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