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If you are expecting, you may be stressing over many things, such as the baby’s name. But, if you are in the mood for some baby trivia, here is some about baby names. This Greek based name was very popular for baby boys in the beginning of the twentieth century. It was so popular, that it made the top 50 boy names for four decades. Now, it has fallen in popularity and seen by some as nerdy. What is the name? It is Eugene, also the name of four Popes. Do you know what the girl’s name Rochelle means? It is French for “little rock.” Do you know what male name can have the nicknames of Dick, Rick or Rich? Someone named Richard can have any one of those nicknames. The name Richard was in the top 25 boy’s names from every decade until 1970. This first name was very common among many early Presidents. Do you know what it is? It is James and it has been in the top 10 baby boy names every decade in the twentieth century.

You may know baby names, but how familiar are you with animal baby trivia? Do you know what a baby salmon is called? It is generally called a fingerling although the name changes as the baby goes through different stages. Young cods are called codlings. There are two baby birds referred to as eyas. They are the babies of hawks and falcons. The young of both partridges and quails are both referred to as cheepers. All baby birds that are growing their feathers in preparation for flight can be referred to as fledglings. Do you know what a baby hen is called? It is called a pullet. A baby pigeon is called a squab. Here is a piece of baby trivia about animals you may not know. We usually refer to baby dogs as puppies, but there is another name that can be used – whelps!

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