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Christmas Trivia

Christmas is a beloved holiday of many people. Do you know very much Christmas trivia? Do you know how it was chosen that the birth of Christ would be celebrated on December 25th? In the year 440, the Church chose December 25th as it coincided with the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year. However, Winter Solstice was seen as a pagan holiday, so it is thought the Church chose this date to “Christianize” the day. It is believed that Christ was actually born in the spring when it was warmer and the shepherds would actually be in the fields with their flock as the story goes.

Here is some Christmas trivia that may be news to you. Did you know that an artist named W.C.T. Dobson invented the Christmas card? He started the custom by sending cards to his friends in 1844. By 1846, the first commercial Christmas cards were being produced. Where did the tradition of the Christmas tree start? Evergreen trees have long been associated with the Winter Solstice, so the tradition followed with the new holiday of Christmas. Prince Albert was a German prince who brought the tradition to England when he married Queen Victoria.

Almost everyone has a favorite Christmas or holiday song. Did you know this tidbit of Christmas trivia – that the first person to print Christmas carols was Wynkyn de Worde? In 1521, he printed the Book of Carols. It is thought that King Henry VIII wrote the carol “Greensleeves.” Who began the tradition of kissing under the mistletoe? The Druids thought mistletoe to be a very sacred plant and it is though they used it during human sacrifices. The Englishmen started the tradition of removing a berry from the mistletoe each time they kissed a girl. Do you know who wrote the classic “A Visit From Saint Nick?” Clement Clark Moore wrote the much-loved poem that begins “Twas the night before Christmas…” in 1822.

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