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Dog Trivia

The dog is man’s best friend, so here is a little dog trivia for you. Dogs have been domesticated for about a hundred thousand years and humans love having them around. Dogs were even found in the ruins of Pompeii. One dog that was excavated was found lying over a child, no doubt trying to protect the child from the inevitable doom. In fact, Greek literature tells us that Odysseus returned home after twenty years, disguised as a beggar. The only one to recognize him was his dog, Argos. That is proof positive that humanity has loved having dogs for pets for many years.

The official name of the dogs we call pit bulls is the American Staffordshire terrier. Pit bulls have been the preferred pet of many famous people including Fred Astaire, Vin Diesel, Alicia Silverstone, Michael J. Fox, and James Caan. In World War II, there was a dog that was actually promoted to Sergeant. Stubby was an American Staffordshire terrier mix that was honored for his bravery.

Now for some more dog trivia. What dog is famous for helping crime fighters solve crimes? That would be the bloodhound. They are good at helping solve crimes because of their incredible sense of smell. Did you know that Scottish terriers are often referred to as Aberdeen terriers? Scottish terriers can come in three colors: black, wheaten and brindle. Do you know the name of the ailment from which many Scotties inherently suffer? It is a mild disorder called Scotties Cramp. Scotties under stress or exercising may move erratically when suffering from this neurological disorder, but seem fine when resting.

Americans are especially crazy about their furry friends. Here is a piece of interesting dog trivia: statistics show that 33% of Americans talk to their dogs on the phone or leave messages for the dog when they are gone from home. And about a million lucky pooches have been named the beneficiary in their master’s will.

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