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Fun Trivia

There is quite a bit of fun trivia you can find about different things. For example, there is fun trivia that relates to different jobs. Do you know what a turnbooch is? That was a lowly job in a kitchen of a young boy whose job it was to turn the spit on which the meat was roasting. Not only was this a boring job, but it was hot as well. Do you know what a Petardier is? He had a very dangerous job. It was his job to attach the bomb to the castle gates when the kingdom was under fire by enemy warriers. Not only did he risk being killed by the enemy, he also risked being killed by the bomb (called a petard) if he did not get away quick enough. Do you know where musketeers got their name? They were the soldiers who stood at close range, holding a musket to fire at their enemies, thus the name musketeers. Back in the old days, dogcatchers were called knockknobblers. Their job was not one to be envied. Being bitten by a dog back then was often fatal.

Many people enjoy fun trivia about…other people! Did you know Frances Perkins was the first woman to hold a cabinet position in the United States government? She helped enact both the Social Security Act and the Fair Labor Standards. Did you ever wonder who came up with the term “computer bug?” It was Grace Hopper. She came up with the term when she found a moth in a room-sized computer back in the 1940s.

Still longing for more fun trivia? How about a few facts about television animals? The name of Diane’s cat on Cheers was Elisabeth. Who was the owner of the famous talking horse, Mr. Ed? It was Wilbur Post. Murray was the dog owned by Jaime and Paul on Mad About You and Tiger was the name of the Brady’s dog.

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