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Geography Trivia

When you were growing up and attending school, you no doubt learned geography trivia in History class. However, here is some stuff may not remember.

Do you know in what U.S. state the mountain range The Ozarks can be found? The Ozarks are in Arkansas and the range fills about 60,000 square miles of land. Do you know what state the Mesabi mountain range can be found in? It can be found in Minnesota and is known for iron ore mining.

Do you know what the Gateway Arch is? To know this bit of geography trivia, you should not only know the Gateway Arch is a huge arch with an elevator inside that can take you to the top (630 feet in the air), but also that it is located in St. Louis, Missouri. Do you know what Old Faithful is or where it is located? It is the name given to a geyser in Yellowstone Park. Yellowstone Park is located in Wyoming and the geyser is called Old Faithful because it erupts at regular intervals.

Would you like to know some world geography trivia? Khyber Pass separates two countries. Do you know which ones they are? The Khyber Pass separates Afghanistan and Pakistan. Do you know what modern country was once the home of the city of Babylon? That would be Iraq. What two seas does the Suez Canal connect? The Suez connects the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. You have probably heard of the city of Pompeii. But do you know the name of the volcano that erupted, covering the city in ash and freezing it in time? The volcano was Mt. Vesuvius and it erupted in 79 AD. Do you know what island is often referred to as Spice Island? It is Grenada and it is called Spice Island because it exports nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger and cloves.

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