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Health Trivia

Many people are concerned about their diets and getting enough exercise today. Here is a little bit of health trivia that may help you.

Many herbal supplements claim to heal all types of ailments. But did you know that those supplements are not tested by the Food and Drug Administration to back up any of their claims? So closely consider all their claims before taking health supplements.

Here is some exercise health trivia for you. Did you know that eating peppermint might help you feel refreshed while exercising and give you more energy? Even exercising as little as ten minutes a day can help be of benefit to your health. However, the American Medical Association (AMA) recommends thirty minutes of exercise each day. The good news is you do not have to do all thirty minutes at once. In fact, if you start your morning with ten minutes of vigorous exercise each day, you may be able to boost your metabolism. If you add fun activities such as hikes or biking, you may start to look forward to exercising.

Do you know how the AMA defines obesity? According to AMA standards, you are obese if you are 30% over your ideal body weight. Of course, you will need to get a body mass index to find out if you are over the 30%. Being obese can lead to an increased chance of getting cancer, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea and gall bladder disease, so it is important to keep your weight down. To help do this, you should combine exercise and diet. A good diet includes one where you count calories, watch your fat intake, and eat more frequent, smaller meals instead of three large ones. One of the best health trivia hits is to avoid fried foods. And remember that eating fast food is almost always bad for you.

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