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The State Quarter program spans over a 10-year period in which each state will receive its own quarter. An interesting piece of money trivia about this program is it is the first change of the U.S. quarter since the commemorative Bicentennial quarters were released in 1976. President Bill Clinton signed the bill into into law for this program in 1998. The program releases 5 quarters each year and will end in 2008. The state quarters will be issued in the order in which they joined the Union. You may wonder who gets to choose the final design of each state quarter. That money trivia is easy enough to answer. The person who has final approval of the quarter design is the governor of each state. Once the program ends, traditional eagle quarter will be reissued.

Do you know what the first five quarters released were? They were released in this order: Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia, and Connecticut. The back of the Alabama quarter features Helen Keller. Despite being blind and deaf, she was a great writer, lecturer and activist. She also opened the first school for the blind.

Here is some quarter money trivia you may or may not know. What is the design on the back of the Arkansas quarter? It is a diamond. Arkansas is the only state in the Union that has diamond mines. Do you know how many states will have quarters released when they have been in the Union for less than 100 years? There are four: Arizona, New Mexico, Hawaii and Alaska. Oklahoma will have been in the Union for 101 years when their quarter is released. What type of fruit that Georgia is famous for is displayed on the back of their quarter? It is a Georgia peach. The words “Gateway of Freedom” are written on the New York quarter. It also shows a picture of the Statue of Liberty.

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