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Random Trivia

Random trivia is just that – random. It can be about anything or anyone over any period of time. Do you know any good random trivia? If not, here is some for you.

If you travel just 30 minutes from Disneyworld, you can find yourself at the University of Central Florida in Orlando. You may know the song “Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered.” But do you know the name of the musical from which the song comes? It is an obscure musical called Pal Joey. The lyrics were written by Lorenz Hart and the music was by Richard Rodgers, of Rodgers and Hammerstein fame. Did you know the average life span of a baseball in the major leagues is only seven pitches? It is said that the kings in a deck of cards each represent a real life king. The King of Spades card is supposed to represent King David, the King of Clubs represents Alexander the Great, the King of Hears represents Charlemagne, and Julius Caesar is represented by the King of Diamonds.

How about some random trivia for children? Do you know what color each teletubbie is? Po is red, LaaLaa is yellow, Dipsy is green, and Tinky Winky is purple. The Reverand Jerry Falwell stated in 1999 that he thought Tinky Winky was gay because he had a boy’s voice, but carried a purse.

Random trivia for movies is a great topic to discuss with your friends. You can test them to see how much they know or how much they remember from movies. Do you remember the character names from the remake of the movie Oceans 11? Brad Pitt was Rusty Ryan, Andy Garcia was Terry Benedict, Matt Damon was Linus Caldwell and the leader was Danny Ocean, played by George Clooney. Do you know what movie won the first Oscar for Best Picture? It was the 1928 movie Wings.

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