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Science Trivia

Science trivia can be fun to learn and share with your friends. There is all types of science trivia out there – chemistry, biology, botany, physics, earth science, etc. When reading science trivia, you may come across some interesting facts you never knew!

Do you know the name of the person credited with inventing the classification system of all the animals and plants on the planet? It was Carl Linnaeus. What was the name of the manuscript Charles Darwin published in 1859? It was called On the Origin of Species. You probably already knew that bit of science trivia. But do you know on what islands Charles Darwin the discrepancy between the developments of different species of finches? It was the Galapagos Islands.

What was the name of the scientist in charge of the Manhattan Project during World War II? His name was J. Robert Oppenheimer. How about the man who was credited with discovering the geocentric theory of the universe? That distinction was given to philosopher Ptolemy.

Do you like astronomy, the study of the stars and planets? Have you ever heard of the Dresden Codex? It shows early records of solar eclipse tables, comet movement and planets documented by members of the Mayan civilization. The Egyptians were also known as early astronomers. They were the first ones to set up the 24-hour day and our calendar with 365 days. It is also believed that the alignment of the great Pyramids allowed the Egyptians to make observations of the stars and planets. Do know what civilization was the first to record a solar eclipse? It was the Chinese in 2136 BC. They were also the first ones to record a supernova and the first to record a comet. The Chaldeans of Mesopotamia were the first people to set up the star alignment that is now used in the Zodiac.

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