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Sex Trivia

Do you want to know some interesting sex trivia? Do you know what you call a place where prostitutes work? The house where prostitutes work is called a brothel. Today, brothels are only legal in certain parts of Nevada. The prostitutes working in them are required by law to use condoms and are regularly checked for sexually transmitted diseases. They are independent contractors, so each prostitute in the brothel can theoretically have different prices for different services. On of the more popular brothels in Nevada is the Bunny Ranch. This brothel was even featured in a documentary on HBO.

Would you like to learn some biological sex trivia? What causes the penis to become erect? It becomes erect due to an increased blood flow. Do you know how big a woman’s ovaries are? They are about the size of an unshelled almond. What is the hymen in a female? The hymen is a thin membrane that stretches over the vagina. It was thought in ancient times that a woman was not a virgin unless her hymen was intact, but that is not true.

Here is some more amazing sex trivia for you. Do you think homosexuality only occurs in humans? Not true! There are also homosexuals in the animal kingdom as well. Statistics show that each day, over 200 million couples have sex around the world. That is about 2000 couples at any given minute. Be glad you are not a mosquito. Their sex act lasts only two seconds and is performed in the air. Think age causes a difference in sexuality? A survey of women over the age of 80 showed that thirty percent of them still have sexual relations.

Do you want some historical sex trivia? Until 1884, women could be imprisoned for refusing to have sex with their husbands. The Huns believed in punishing certain sex acts. Men found guilty of rape or adultery were castrated while women found guilty of adultery were cut in two.

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