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Star Wars Trivia

Star Wars is such a popular movie saga that every time a new one comes out, there are hundreds of fans lining up in advance to be the first to see it. Those die-hard fans probably know all there is to know about Star Wars trivia, but do you?

Here is a mixture of Star Wars trivia from the series of movies. Who wrote Star Wars? The creator is George Lucas, who also wrote the Indiana Jones trilogy. Do you remember what type of droid R2-D2 is? If you said Astromech, you would be correct! Do you know what actor is the famous voice of Darth Vader? It is none other than James Earl Jones. Do you know who owned Hans Solo’s Millennium Falcon before he did? It was Lando Calrisian who originally owned the ship. What did Luke’s aunt and uncle do for a living? They harvested moisture on their planet because it was so dry. Speaking of planets, do you know what planet Hans Solo was from? Hans was from Corellia. What planet did Chewbacca call home? That would be Kashyyyk. The name of Baba Fett’s ship was Slave One. The name of the chief of the Ewoks was Chief Chirpa. What color do Stormtroopers wear? The Stormtroopers always wear white.

How much do you know about Star Wars trivia as related to character quotes? Who said, “If this is the consular ship, where is the ambassador?” That quote is from Darth Vader, right before Captain Antilles death. Do you remember who said “R2-D2, fire up the convertors.” It was Luke Skywalker who told R2-D2 to fire up the convertors. Who said, “Try not. Do or do not. There is no try.” Yoda was the one to utter those words while training Luke to become a jedi knight. Yoda was the only jedi to go to the planet Dagobah.

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