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Thanksgiving Trivia

Thanksgiving is a holiday that makes Americans remember all the things for which they are thankful. It is also a time to eat all types of good food. In honor of the holiday, here is some Thanksgiving trivia to stuff yourself on.

Turkeys have been around for over ten million years. American Indians have hunted turkey since 1,000 AD. They not only ate the meat, but also used the feathers on arrows and headdress. They used the spurs on the male turkey legs on arrowheads. Male turkeys are called toms and female turkeys are called hens. But, at the time of the first Thanksgiving, it may have been a goose on the table, as that was the preferred meat at that time. Did you ever wonder how large a turkey could get? The largest turkey ever recorded weighed in at a whopping 86 pounds. That is a lot of leftovers! Around Thanksgiving, Americans eat more turkey than ever, with about 45 million turkeys becoming dinner. Only 22 million are eaten at Christmas and 19 million are eaten at Easter.

Are you ready for more Thanksgiving trivia? Wild turkeys can fly. They cannot fly very long, but they reach speeds of up to 55 miles per hour. They can run about 20 miles per hour too. Commercially raised turkeys cannot fly however. Domesticated turkeys have white feathers because they were bred that way. That way, if they escape the coop, they can easily be spotted. Another thing breeders have done is increase the size of the turkey breast. Sometimes so much so that turkeys fall over from the added weight.

Here is some final Thanksgiving trivia for you. It takes turkey eggs 28 days to hatch and when they do, they are tan with brown spots and slightly larger than a chicken egg.

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