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Wizard of Oz Trivia

You may think you know most Wizard of Oz trivia, but here are some tough questions you may not know the answers to. Do you know what production number was for this MGM movie? It was number 1060. When Aunt Em tells off Mrs. Gulch, did you notice that she mentioned her first name, Almira? We all know that three farmhands because the famous characters in the Wizard of Oz but what were their names? Zeke played the Cowardly Lion, Hickory who played the Tin Man and Hunk who played the Scarecrow. Judy Garland is famous for having played Dorothy. But did you know MGM wanted Shirley Temple originally to play the lead? It only after Temple was unavailable that MGM decided to give Garland the lead role at the tender age of 16. Do you remember the color of the Cowardly Lions ribbon? The ribbon in his mane was red. You may know the story by heart, but do you know what continuity problem keeps popping up in the movie? The length of Dorothy’s pigtails keeps changing throughout the movie.

Most of us remember Buddy Epson as Jed Clampett on the Beverly Hillbillies sitcom of the Sixties. However, here is some Wizard of Oz trivia you may not have known. Buddy was originally slated to play the Tin Man and was replaced by Jack Haley after he found out he was allergic to the silver makeup used on the character. Frank Morgan was very busy in the Wizard of Oz. He played five different characters in the film: the Wizard of Oz, the Emerald City Doorman, Professor Marvel, the Coachman and the Guard. As the Wizard, he gave the Scarecrow a degree in Thinkology.

Here is one final piece of Wizard of Oz trivia. Do you remember the name of the leader of the winged monkeys? It was Nikko.

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